In episode 188, we’re talking with Caroline Boudreaux, the founder of Miracle Foundation. Caroline talks with us about what led her to starting the organization, what child welfare looks like in India and some important reflections on running non-profit organizations with excellence.

  • Caroline shares how she came to work in the OVC space (4:44)
  • The “why” behind the creation of Miracle Foundation (7:06)
  • What needs to change in the approach to family-based care (14:30) 
  • The effects of COVID-19 and the rapid reintegration of children in India (16:28)
  • Caroline introduces the thrive scale (18:00)
  • Responding to why non-profit management is often poorly done  (26:55)
  • Caroline shares about the harmful thinking many donors use when thinking about giving funds(31.00)
  • The next evolution in child care non-profits (40:00)
  • Recommendations (46:35)

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