In this special episode of Think Orphan, we’re joining Pastor and Author Francis Chan as he travels through Kenya to hear about what God is doing in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. Along the way, he talks with care leavers, organization directors and advocates for family based care. This podcast is brought in partnership with JourneyHome, the online community learning platform that is training and resourcing leaders in global child welfare.

  • Francis Chan tells his story (7:29)
  • Chris Page and Francis talk about children being reconciled back to families (10:10)
  • The reality of street children (19:28)
  • Why do children leave home? (22:25)
  • Jared Scheppmann shares Ekisa’s story (25:25)
  • Obstacles facing children with disabilities (31:13)
  • Peter Muthui and Mohamed Nabieu share their experiences growing up in orphanages (42:53)
  • Recommendations (102:10)

Resources and Links from the Show 

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