In episode 193, we’re talking with Ruslan Maliuta about the war in Ukraine and the tragic realities for children in the country and those that are fleeing the country. Ruslan is a Ukrainian and a founding leader for World Without Orphans. He currently works for OneHope, a global ministry that helps children engage with God’s story, supporting several networks, including the 4/14 Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance.

  • Ruslan gives a life and ministry update (1:55)
  • What are the reliable news sources that we can be looking to for following the war in Ukraine? (12:08)
  • Ruslan shares his perspective from a geopolitical view of what is actually going on in Ukraine (17:48)
  • How the war in Ukraine will affect orphaned and vulnerable children going forward (22:56)
  • The effects of the war on children (29:59)
  • What can the international community do to respond to Ukrainian orphaned and vulnerable children? (37:38)
  • What is the one thing that you want people to know about Ukraine? (57:40)

Where you can go to give to Ukraine

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