In episode 195, we’re talking with Dr. Scott Moeschberger. Scott is the Director of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Degree Program at Taylor University and a leading expert globally on violence against children. We discuss the program at Taylor and dig into his upcoming book “Building Cultures of Peace: Psychological Perspectives on Understanding and Addressing Violence Against Children”.

  • Dr. Moeschberger shares how he got to the OVC space (3:56)
  • Dr. Moeschberger talks about the OVC major at Taylor University (7:51)
  • Bridging the theory/practice gap (14:21)
  • Understanding violence against children (20:01)
  • The relationship between violence against children and peace building (29:40)
  • What strategies work to help with violence against children (32:03)
  • Recommendations (42:48)

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