In episode 196, we’re talking with Tori Hope Petersen. Tori is an author, speaker and foster care advocate with lived experience in the system (oh, yeah, she’s also Mrs. Universe). We discuss what foster care looks like from the inside, what changes ought to be made and what compelled Tori to go from being a foster youth, to now welcoming kids in to her home as a parent.

  • Tori talks about her life growing up, and how she entered the foster care system (4:10)
  • Tori shares about her experience in the foster system (17:37)
  • What is something Tori would change about the system? (23:53)
  • Is adoption trauma? (33:05)
  • The role of coaches in the lives of foster youth (42:53)
  • Tori talks about her book: Fostered (52:50)

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