In episode 197, we’re speaking with author, professor and mother Brittany Salmon about the in’s and out’s of cross-cultural and trans-racial adoption. We learn not only from her family’s experience but also research and writing that she’s put together in her new book, It Takes More Than Love. After the interview, Brandon and Phil discuss race a little further and emphasize the importance of listening and building towards unity.

  • Brittany shares about their adoption journey (5:24)
  • The tension of being called an “adoption advocate” (7:12)
  • The ethics of recruiting foster and adoptive parents (11:53)
  • The importance of bringing in the voices of adult adoptees (15:09)
  • Is adoption trauma? (18:15)
  • Parenting trans-racially (23:15)
  • The meaning of racial bias (34:11)

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