In episode 198, we’re speaking with Alycia Pinizzotto of Story International in Guatemala about piloting foster care in a new context, parenting teens and ministering in the midst of tragedy. Alycia brings a lot of first-hand experience and thoughtful reflections on ministering to orphans and vulnerable children, not only in Guatemala but in the US system as well.

  • Alycia shares about her journey in Guatemala (7:37)
  • What orphan care looks like in Guatemala (14:23)
  • How far will you go for one kid? (19:32)
  • A tragedy in the city (23:40)
  • Implementing foster care in a rural context (32:45)
  • The difference between the U.S. and Guatemalan foster care system (39:27)
  • Why choose to foster more challenging kids? (45:43)

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