In episode 199, we’re talking with old friend and President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Jedd Medefind. With his years of leadership in the OVC space, we pick Jedd’s brain on what trends he’s seeing and what the future might hold for advocates and practitioners alike. We then get into a longer conversation on Roe v. Wade and the practical implications if federal legislation on abortion changes. 

  • Interview begins (6:55)
  • How Christians should better care for orphans in 2022 (15:40)
  • The implications of the supreme court decision: Roe v. Wade (21:25)
  • The role men play in the abortion issue (26:29)
  • What happens when the church embraces true Koinonia? (32:28)
  • How the church should embrace families and community (43:49)
  • Recommendations: (50:20)

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