In episode 201, we’re talking with Simon Njoroge about his work in family based care, welfare reform and the adoption landscape in Kenya. A little change up, we gave Phil a break and recorded this episode live at the 1MILLIONHOME office in Tacoma, Washington. Apologies for slight audio issue at the start of interview, Brandon is a work in progress! We know you’ll learn a lot from Simon and his experience as an adoptee, an advocate and an administrator working in orphan care. 

  • Interview begins (2:47)
  • Why interagency collaboration is so important (6:01)
  • The fruit of collaboration (11:06)
  • What adoption looks like in Kenya (20:42)
  • The legal structure of adoption (27:43)
  • What does post-placement support look like? (43:31)
  • Recommendations: (52:08)

Resources and Links from the show

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