This week we’re jumping into our second summer compilation episode and we’re learning from friends and colleagues throughout the world about transitioning from institutionalization to family-based care. Delia, Jonathan and Spencer take us on a learning journey of why institutions are not the best place for children to grow up. Beyond hearing their stories, they also provide insight for moving care forward. We’d encourage you to check out their respective organizations to learn more about care reform and pursuing family care in their respective countries.

  • Delia interview begins (5:27)
  • Why orphanages are not the bless place for children (8:48)
  • Are institutions ever okay? (15:00)
  • Interview with Jonathan, Weza Care Solutions begins (22:00)
  • Spencer, Child Hope International interview begins (35:30)

Resources and Links from the show

Delia Pop – Tanya’s Dream Fund– Bulgaria
Jonathan Dowell – Weza Care Solutions– Kenya
Spencer Reeves- Child Hope International– Haiti

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