Caring for orphans and vulnerable children doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Throughout the world, there are certain contexts that are particularly challenging to help children and families, none more so than when there is war and conflict. For our third summer compilation, we’ll be looking across three different countries in the world where conflict has made orphan care work more difficult and also all the more necessary. As we hear from Ruslan, Kara and Ashlee, let’s commit to praying for peace and the protection for children.

  • Ruslan interview begins (6:15)
  • What can the international community do to support Ukraine now? (22:13)
  • Start of interview with Kara from Project Red (28:19)
  • What is happening in Myanmar with Ashlee from Global Child Advocates (35:53)

Resources and Links from the show

Ruslan Maliuta – OneHope– Ukraine
Kara Wilson Garcia- Project Red– El Salvador
Ashlee Heiligman- Global Child Advocates– Myanmar

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