For our final summer compilation episode, we’ll be looking at foster care in the United States – an area that many of our audience members has some familiarity with. We’ve all heard the triumphs and the challenges of engaging in foster care and this week, we’ll be hearing from three guests that are leading the way towards better practice in foster care. Each of our guests have a lot of personal experience welcoming children into their homes and will be walking us through the child’s experience, the family’s experience and how we can better engage the church and community more broadly to lend a hand in helping children in foster care systems. Check out their books to learn more from each of these guests.

  • Tori interview begins (4:20)
  • What would you do to change the foster care system? (11:30)
  • Jamie interview begins (18:00)
  • Jason Johnson interview (30:37)

Resources and Links from the show

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Tori Hope Peterson- Fostered

Jamie Finn- Foster the Family

Jason Johnson- Reframing Foster Care

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