In episode 206, we’re talking with Peter Mutabazi about his childhood growing up through various challenges in Uganda and how learning from those experiences propelled him towards foster care and adoption. Peter shares with us about his new book, Now I Am Known, which really encapsulates a lot of what we talk about on Think Orphan. Not to mention, we’ve got Phil back in the fold after a couple of months off from the pod and we’re gearing up for CAFO Summit in Atlanta this week!

  • Peter interview begins (5:05)
  • Not all poverty looks the same (10:26)
  • Going into missions with the questions “what can these people teach me?” (25:20)
  • The power of words (28:46)
  • What it is like to be a foster dad (34:35)
  • Navigating the U.S. foster care system (40:30)
  • Recommendations (59:50)

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Now I am Known by Peter Mutabazi

Rwanda Inc. by Patricia Crisafulli

Sometimes in April

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