In episode 208, we’re in conversation with author and preeminent attachment expert Deborah Gray. Deborah shares from her decades of experience serving children and families through therapy and sets baseline understandings on trauma and attachment. In addition to the stack of books that Deborah has written, she also shares about the Attachment-Trauma Focused Therapy post-graduate course that is now available for the first time ever in an online format. All that, plus we’ve got our favorite Brit, movie director and podcast editor, Samuel Rich, filling in for Phil this week. 

  • Deborah interview begins (7:35)
  • The effects of trauma on children’s brain development (14:05)
  • What is disrupted attachment (21:10)
  • The power of words (28:46)
  • How to promote healthy attachments with kids (34:05)
  • Why Deborah created the ATFT course (54:12)

Resources and Links from the show

Promoting Healthy Attachments by: Deborah Gray

Attaching in Adoption by: Deborah Gray

Attaching Through Love, Hugs and Play by: Deborah Gray

Lost Kites Documentary

Beyond the Island Documentary

The Connected Parent by: Karyn Purvis, PhD and Lisa Qualls

ATFT Course Registration

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