In episode 211, we’re talking with foster care alum, entrepreneur and advocate Justin Black about the new book he co-wrote with his wife Alexis called Re-Defining Normal. Justin shares with us his experience spending some of his childhood and adolescence in care and the importance of supporting foster youth as the exit care. It’s a great conversation to think through family, community and what it means to help young people heal and establish their own family successes.

  • Justin introduces himself and shares about growing up in Detroit and how foster care and household adversity affected his life (3:50)
  • Exploring trends for foster youth that are exiting care (7:58)
  • Strategies for supporting youth as they transition to adulthood (10:35)
  • Becoming a caring community for foster youth (14:00)
  • Relearning and redefining normal after adverse experiences in childhood (17:23)
  • Brandon promotes residential services !? (20:52)
  • Violence in the family, learning right from wrong and surviving childhood (23:15)
  • Overcoming generational trauma and establishing healthy family patterns (27:20)
  • Justin’s recommendation and his most influential person(s) (32:10)

Resources and Links from the show

Re-Defining Normal Website

Re-Defining Normal Book (Amazon)

The Alternative by Mauricio L. Miller

Toward the Goal by Ambassadors Football

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