In episode 212, we’ve got a panel of executive directors that oversaw the transition of their orphanage to family based care. We’ll be asking them the hard questions of how they worked with their board of directors and their donor bases to take the journey with them. Brandon will be interviewing past Think Orphan guests and orphan care leaders, Brent Phillips of Cherish Uganda, Ashlee Heiligman of Global Child Advocates and Spencer Reeves of Child Hope International. This panel took place live in Atlanta, Georgia at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Annual Summit.

  • Reasons why people want to transition to family care and the board and donors as key stakeholders (3:38)
  • Data and resources for transitioning to family care (6:52)
  • The most effective types of communications when you talk with donors (10:25)
  • Considering the children’s perspective and narrative during transition communications (12:24)
  • Managing the donor’s experience and history in short term missions teams (17:05)
  • Successful engagement with the board by looking at direct data and case studies (21:56)
  • Experiencing board turnover and moving forward (24:32)
  • Living out the shift to family care through storytelling and reporting back to donors and board members (27:28)
  • Timelines for transitioning to family care (33:00)
  • Resources and tools that helped with transitioning to family care (38:00)
  • Redirecting short term missionaries towards staff rather than children (42:00)
  • Was money lost during your transition to family care? Was it a net gain or net loss? (45:20)
  • Intervals, content and methods for communicating to the donor base (49:17)
  • Training of the team and staff towards reintegration and transition (52:23)
  • Communicating nuance and difficulties to the donor base and board (54:45)

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