In episode 214, we’ve got filmmaker and justice advocate Jeff Rogers on the show. Jeff talks with us about his work over the years that has highlighted and advocated for children outside of parental care and communities that have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Jeff shares with us about the new feature documentary Beyond the Island which tells the story of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea and highlights the work of advocates and the triumph of overcomers. Through the conversation, we learn more about the role that filmmaking plays in enacting community change and advocating for vulnerable children.

  • Jeff’s Background entering the orphan care and media space (4:52)
  • The role of filmmaking and storytelling to impact and learn from marginalized communities (8:58)
  • Finding ways to share hard and dark stories that the world needs to hear (14:51)
  • How non-profits can leverage filmmaking and media to expand their mission and tell their stories (18:30)
  • Telling the story of HIV/AIDS and diving into Papua New Guinea (27:30)
  • The reality of HIV/AIDS and it’s effects on communities (41:50)
  • Overcoming the stigma that is attached to HIV/AIDS (51:35)
  • Ways to connect with Jeff’s work and tap into redemptive filmmaking (59:30)

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