In episode 219, Lindsay Hadley is on to discuss the upcoming release of the documentary “Uncharitable”. After many years in the nonprofit sector, Lindsay has become one of the most sought-after consultants and producers. This conversation challenges us to envision an unconstrained nonprofit sector. What if the charities could attract the best leaders, talents, and ideas? What if smaller operations with less impact stopped and those resources went to the best organization solving the problem? We get into these questions and more in this episode of Think Orphan.

  • Lindsay shares her background in nonprofit (5:05)
  • Her involvement working in orphan care and global poverty (7:30)
  • Overhead myth and a real example (17:25)
  • Ted Talk behind ‘Uncharitable’ (24:00)
  • Lindsay explains her role as an executive producer (33:00)
  • The role risk plays for non-profits (38:00)
  • Appreciation in the non-profit sector (49:00)
  • The best organizations would grow (51:00)
  • Lindsey’s book recommendation (55:00)
  • To see ourselves in the other (57:00)
  • Lindsey’s most influential person (59:00)
  • Joe Ritchie on Caring for Orphans (1:00:00)
  • Brandon and Phil recap their talk with Lindsey (1:02:00) 
  • The overhead myth (1:03:00)

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The M.A. in Global Development and Justice (MAGDJ) program prepares students to work across the nexus of justice, peacebuilding, and transformational community development work. The curriculum seeks to develop compassionate leaders, who are trauma-informed and prepared to support human flourishing in whatever context they work in.

Resources and Links from the show

Uncharitable Documentary

Dan Pallotta’s Ted Talk – The Way We Think about Charity is Dead Wrong

Lindsay’s Book Recommendation- Bonds that Make Us Free

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