Kimberly Quinley, a pioneer of family-based care, has spent nearly 40 years serving in Thailand. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Step Ahead, an organization committed to see all children in Thailand grow up in safe and nurturing families. Kimberly is a founding leader for Strong Families Alliance Thailand (SFAT), a Christian alliance with the same vision and goals as World Without Orphans. In episode 220, we cover everything from the core pillars of family strengthening, to collective impact, creating national roadmaps, and more.

  • Introducing Kimberly Quinley (7:00)
  • Understanding the reality of orphanages (9:00)
  • Starting Step Ahead (10:30)
  • One mother’s dilemma (12:00)
  • Keeping families together is the best thing to do (15:20)
  • Cross cultural insights, do your homework (18:00)
  • Poverty is great reason children enter care (19:00)
  • Come listen, and learn (20:00)
  • Push and pull factors for children in residential care (25:00)
  • Children at risk of trafficking (29:00)
  • Strengthening families is most needed (35:00)
  • Defining family strengthening (39:00)
  • Different areas of family strengthening (40:00)
  • Connecting families to services (43:00)
  • Collective impact model (50:00)
  • Defining shared vision (53:00)
  • Monitoring and evaluation (55:00)
  • Creating leadership (58:30)
  • Drafting a national roadmap (59:00)
  • Kimberly’s recommendations (1:03)
  • Brandon and Phil recap the conversation (1:15)

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Reintegrating Children with Disabilities into Family: Around the world, children with disabilities are 17x more likely than typically developing children to end up living in an institution. Our hope is that this course will help your organization find a way home for children with disabilities.

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