This week we’ve got Kim de Blecourt from Nourished Hearts back on the show to talk with us about their ministry in Ukraine, the effects of the war on vulnerable children and the importance of coming alongside indigenous churches. Nourished Hearts is a ministry that encourages, inspires, and creates community around those who are involved with adoption, foster care, or orphan care internationally.

  • Kim shares her background (6:30)
  • Kim shares about her recent experience in Ukraine (10:00)
  • Trying to meet the needs of the internally displaced (12:30)
  • Rising concerns for children in Ukraine (17:00)
  • War crimes related to deporting children into Russia (25:00)
  • Knowing the heart of God and identifying with the orphan (32:00)
  • God labels himself as the Father of the Fatherless (36:07)
  • Importance of translating materials to other languages (38:30)
  • Rick Warren as one person who has impacted Kim’s thinking (52:00)
  • Phil and Brandon recap the conversation (55:10)
  • The importance of connections and networking (57:00)
  • Just doing the next right thing (1:00:00)
  • Relevant Magazine article ‘A Better Way to Talk about Adoption’ (1:03:00)

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