This week we are joined by Tiffany Bluhm, the author of Prey Tell and Never Alone. She speaks at conferences, companies, and churches, and her work has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, Sojourners, Red Letter Christians, the YouVersion Bible app, and more. She serves at the intersection of faith and culture, humor and women’s issues. In this episode, In addition to a heart-wrenching conversation on adoption, Tiffany helps us navigate hard conversations around abuse of power and what it means to create systems of accountability.

  • Tiffany Bluhm joins and shares her background (6:40)
  • The importance of representation in early childhood (7:00)
  • Adopting from East Africa (16:00)
  • What you’ve learned as an adoptive parent (19:00)
  • Navigating complex trauma and creating safe homes (20:00)
  • The importance of self-care for ourselves (21:00)
  • The unique isolation of motherhood and not wanting to burden others (22:00)
  • Creating community and places families can connect (26:05)
  • Tiffany’s take on “Adoption is trauma” (27:00)
  • Trying to reconcile with family before international adoption (34:00)
  • Tiffany’s book ‘Prey Tell’
  • Discussing abuse of power (40:00)
  • Biblical example of serving as an ally and bystander intervention (42:00)
  • Demanding systematic accountability (43:00)
  • When we see an imbalance of power (46:00)
  • True accountability outside of the organization (50:00)
  • Conflict of interest between leaders and boards (51:00)
  • Pathways of reporting that are anonymous (52:00)
  • What Tiffany’s currently working on (55:00)
  • Tiffany’s personal recommendations (56:30)
  • Brandon and Phil’s recap (59:00) 

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Resources and Links from the show

Tiffany’s Website

Prey Tell: Why We Silence Women Who Tell the Truth and How Everyone Can Speak Up

Speaker | Tiffany’s Speaking Page

Co-Host | Why Tho Podcast

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