In our first ever Conversations episode, we’re bringing together four global care leaders to talk about Central American cultural contexts, cycles of poverty and violence, family separation and the push factors leading migrants to flee the region. Joining the show is Kara Garcia of Project RED in El Salvador, Erica Switzer of Embraced Intl. in Honduras, Levi Bareither of Story Intl. in Guatemala and long-time children’s advocate Onesimo Feliz.

Conversation Notes

  • Increasing levels of migrants and asylum seekers at US southern border (7:00)
  • Kara shares about the current environment in El Salvador (9:00)
  • Erica contrasts El Salvador with the work Embrace is doing in Honduras (13:00)
  • Levi shares about the situation in Guatemala (22:00)
  • Generational poverty paired with lack of opportunity as a driving force (28:00)
  • Reunifying children within violent and unpredictable environments (30:20)
  • Strengthening families as a preventative factor in migration (33:00)
  • Onesimo shares the role of pastors in Latin America (42:00)
  • Multiple layers of generational, historical, complex issues (58:00)
  • We need more empathy for asylum seekers (1:00:00)

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