In our second Conversations episode, we’re joined by Anna Jackson from Montaña  de Luz in Honduras, Brent Phillips from Cherish Uganda, and Dan Stoehr from Reach Ministries in the US, to discuss HIV/AIDS today. What is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world today? What are the challenges care providers face? Find out how these leaders are working to overcome stigma and other obstacles.

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Conversation Notes

  • Current HIV/AIDS data across the globe (4:00)
  • The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa (6:00)
  • Stigma remains one of the greatest hurdles across countries (10:30)
  • Medicine the constant reminder (16:00)
  • How COVID-19 impacted HIV treatment (19:00)
  • Mother to child transmission in the Global South (26:00)
  • Medicine accessibility in Honduras (40:00)
  • Overcoming the stigma with stories (45:00)
  • The changing perception of HIV (49:00)
  • Overcoming stigma with skits and outreach in Central America (55:00)
  • One thing you want people to know (59:00)

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