In this Conversation episode, we’re joined by four child welfare leaders to dive into the nuances, challenges and triumphs of pioneering foster care throughout the world. On the show is Ian Forber-Pratt from Children’s Emergency Relief International, Tara Garcia from Identity Mission, Sebilu Bodja from Bethany Christian Services, and Martus Greyvenstein from Kin Culture. We’ll dive into all the nitty-gritty of foster care including questions like “Is foster-to-adopt bad?” “How do you promote something that is completely foreign in many contexts?” and “What role does foster care play in getting kids out of orphanages?”

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Conversation Notes

  • Foster care across cultural contexts (14:00)
  • Building awareness for foster care (17:00)
  • Partnering with the local church in foster care (20:00)
  • The importance of defining terms (27:00)
  • Using what’s working culturally (43:00)
  • Recruiting families who root for the biological family (47:00)
  • Pioneering care reform in Honduras (54:00)
  • Collaboration between governments and organizations (59:00)
  • The role of the local church (1:10:00)

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Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit

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1MILLIONHOME’s new Youtube channel

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