This week we have the co-author of Freeing Congregational Mission, Dr. Hunter Farrell. He served as a long-term missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru and now works as the Director of the World Mission Initiative at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dr. Farrell brings a wealth of first hand and research knowledge about Christian Mission. After 35 years in intercultural missions, he is calling for a reframing of missions. What would it look like to approach missions with a learning posture? How can we create spaces of connection for shared learning across cultures?

Conversation Notes

  • Hunter brought back to faith in Congo (4:50)
  • Defining missions (10:00)
  • The three stones framework (15:00)
  • Cultural humility and learning posture (20:00)
  • Problematic attitude of giving without receiving (24:00)
  • Creating spaces of connection and horizontal learning (40:00)
  • Unintended consequences of child sponsorship (42:00)
  • Redeeming short-term missions (51:00)
  • Key differences in cultures (57:00)

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