In this Conversation episode, we are bringing together leaders to talk about care reform and transition support services. We have Elli Oswald from Faith to Action, Jonathan Dowell from Weza Care Solutions, and Hannah Won from ACCI. These leaders come with many years experience from providing direct services in an orphanage to leading organizations committed to supporting orphanages to transition their models.

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Conversation Notes

  • Hannah shares about her experience with transition (6:00)
  • Jonathan’s background in corporate to Agape (9:00)
  • Systems of protection and care are in reform (14:30)
  • External pressure towards reform (23:00)
  • Keeping donors engaged through transition (35:00)
  • Care reform in Kenya (37:00)
  • Giving local communities the resources they need (41:00)
  • Being strategic and thoughtful with all stakeholders (58:00)
  • Why do we need to look at policy and frameworks of organizations? (1:00:00)
  • Restoring relationships (1:05:02)
  • Resources, tools, people (1:09:00)
  • First step advice (1:17:50)

Podcast Sponsors

Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit

CAFO2023 is a gathering of more than 2,000 Christian orphan care leaders, parents and practitioners coming together from over 50 countries to worship and learn together. The event is September 20th-22nd in Oklahoma City. Register today!

Resources and Links from the show

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Better Care Network: Phases of Transition

Changing Mindsets and Practice from ACCI

Transitioning Support Survey by Faith to Action

1MILLIONHOME’s Youtube channel

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