In this episode, Brian Fikkert and Gabriel Walder join the show to tackle critical topics such as helping the church rediscover its identity, divisions within the American church regarding poverty, and the intricate relationship between economic empowerment and family well-being. Additionally, they delve into cross-cultural missions, the significance of community and relationships, and discuss ACE’s collaboration with Chalmers Center. Tune in for insightful perspectives on poverty alleviation and community building.

Conversation Notes

  • What does human flourishing look like? (7:30)
  • Helping the church to rediscover who we are (9:00)
  • Supporting organizations to transition to family care (16:00)
  • The division of the American church on why people are poor (22:00)
  • The problems with economic empowerment (24:00)
  • The Graduation Approach of economic empowerment (34:00)
  • Family as the solution and greatest community asset (37:00)
  • Approaching families with humility (41:00)
  • Working cross-culturally in missions (43:00)
  • The imperative of community and relationship (48:00)
  • ACE’s collaboration with Chalmers Center (1:04)

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Resources and Links from the show

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How Soccer Explains Leadership with Graham Daniels

Becoming Whole by Brian Fikkert and Kelly Kapic

Life We’re Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World by Andy Crouch

Chalmers Center

Alliance for Children Everywhere

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