Mackynzie ‘Mac’ Archer comes with a deep love for the Haitian people and vulnerable populations. She is an anthropologist, researcher, consultant, and advocate. In this episode we dive into some of her findings in short-term missions, the orphanage system in Haiti, and her most recent doctoral research on the emotional labor of care-affected children.

Conversation Notes

  • How Mackynzie got to Haiti (6:00)
  • The reality on the ground at an orphanage (7:30)
  • Interviewing children in orphanage systems (10:30)
  • Let’s talk about life in Haiti right now (12:00)
  • The impact of instability on orphanages (15:00)
  • An increase in malnutrition (21:00)
  • Most organizations unable to meet basic needs (23:00)
  • Sustaining poor child welfare practices (26:00)
  • Good intentions (27:00)
  • One story from a short-term missions volunteer (31:00)
  • Accountable empathy (38:00)
  • Are we willing to receiving from other cultures? (41:00)
  • The emotional labor we see at orphanages (47:00)
  • Wiping the eyes of children between groups of visitors (52:00)
  • Emotional labor in family reunification (57:00)
  • Building relationships instead of structures (1:12:00)

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