This week we have dedicated academic and researcher Dr. Lauren Pinkson. Lauren is the host of the Upwardly Dependent podcast and comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in human trafficking prevention and community development through social enterprise. She has a passion for exploring creative solutions to bridging cultures and investing in communities. Join us as we challenge preconceptions surrounding human trafficking, shifting perspectives in bridging cultures, and delving into the intersection of podcasting within this sector.

Conversation Notes

  • The intersection of trafficking and orphanage care settings (10:22)
  • Promoting freedom business (17:00)
  • How we define freedom and changing our framework (24:30)
  • The power of story (31:00)
  • Responding to what we know now about international adoption (38:00)
  • Upwardly Dependent podcast (43:00)
  • Foster care into trafficking (48:00)
  • Lauren’s favorite recommendations (53:00)

Podcast Sponsor

Sojourn Studio

Sojourn Studio empowers young women and moms on the Thailand-Myanmar border through dignified work as they handcraft beauty to rewrite stories and lift communities. Get shopping today and support families at the same time!

Resources and Links from the show

Slavery Footprint

Freedom Business Alliance

Kindred Exchange

Upwardly Dependent

Human Trafficking 101

Wisdom of Your Body by Hillary L. McBride

You Should be Grateful by Angela Tucker

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