In episode 237, we have a special on the ground episode to share how one organization’s journey and commitment to family based care plays out through all the people in their organization. We’re featuring voices through Selamta Family Project in Addis Ababa and invite you to join us in this conversation to celebrate the family care movement taking place in Ethiopia.

  • Julia shares how she became involved in the sector (3:30) 
  • Selamta’s programs and striving for forever families (5:00) 
  • Trust-based relational culture (10:00)
  • Transforming children’s welfare in Ethiopia (12:00)
  • Tamrat shares about Selamta’s model (18:30)
  • The reality of aging out (21:32)
  • Collaboration and partnership on the ground (23:30)
  • Connecting with love and care (25:00)
  • Providing consistent care (27:00)
  • What family can provide (35:00)
  • The difference that family makes (41:00)
  • Hearing from older youth (48:00)

Resources and Links from the show

Selamta Family Project

On the Ground in Lesotho- The Power of Family Reunification

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