This week we have dedicated academic and researcher Dr. Lauren Pinkson. Lauren is the host of the Upwardly Dependent podcast and comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in human trafficking prevention and community development through social enterprise. She has a passion for exploring creative solutions to bridging cultures and investing in communities. Join us as we challenge preconceptions surrounding human trafficking, shifting perspectives in bridging cultures, and delving into the intersection of podcasting within this sector.

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Mackynzie ‘Mac’ Archer comes with a deep love for the Haitian people and vulnerable populations. She is an anthropologist, researcher, consultant, and advocate. In this episode we dive into some of her findings in short-term missions, the orphanage system in Haiti, and her most recent doctoral research on the emotional labor of care-affected children.

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I’m excited for meaningful conversations with people doing amazing things about the interconnectedness of kingdom-building relationships and work around the world.

I’m excited about conversations about how we all can collaborate to alleviate the orphan crisis in real ways.


I’m excited for conversations about how orphan care is both simple and complex. How it involves relationships just like those in our own homes and neighborhoods. About how when we do it well, it’s messy and long-term. How it is both beautiful and broken. How it will have incredible success and heartbreaking failures. How we can learn and have learned from all of it. Continue reading →