In Episode 150Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with DJ Jordan, an adoptive parent and a huge advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children, who has worked on congressional staffs and has contributed on Fox News and CNN, among many other things, about:   

  • DJ’s story and how he developed his passion for orphaned and vulnerable children (3:05) 
  • Some of the myths and misconceptions about foster care and adoption (11:04) 
  • The critical importance of healthy fathers in the lives of their children (13:48) 
  • How we can bring the black community into the conversation surrounding the care of orphaned and vulnerable children at a deeper level (16:15) 
  • How DJ’s personal experience as a foster parent and advocate has shaped his thoughts about public policy for orphaned and vulnerable children (21:59) 
  • Effective public/private partnerships with the faith-based community surrounding the care of OVC (28:04) 
  • How skepticism surrounding the system can be a barrier to people getting involved with foster care and adoption, and what we can do about it (31:35) 
  • How his church has effectively helped his adoptive family and how he believes they could improve on the care he received (36:12) 
  • DJ’s recommendations (39:03) 
  • And much more 

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  • When Helping Hurts, by Brian Fikkert and Steven Corbett 
  • The Connected Child, by Karyn Purvis 

In Episode 149Dr. Rick and Phil have a conversation with Karen Springs, Author of Adoption Through the Rear View Mirror: Learning from Stories of Heartache and Hope and Communications Director for World Without Orphans, about (time-stamps following each bullet-point indicate the beginning of Karen’s answer covering each topic (video and audio timestamps differ slightly))   Continue reading

In Episode 148Dr. Rick and Phil discuss our pursuit of justice in connection with race relations, orphaned and vulnerable children, and other issues in our world today 

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In Episode 142, you will hear from Ruby Johnston, Co-Founder and Director of International Field Operations for Lamb International, and Executive Team Member for World Without Orphans (“WWO”)talking with Phil about: 

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In Episode 141, you will hear from Mohamed Nabieu (“Nabs”)Child Welfare Programs Liaison for Helping Children Worldwide, talking with Phil about: 
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