In Episode 80, Phil previews what’s to come in Season 4, which will include more great interviews with experts from around the world, blog posts from Phil and others, and more. Continue reading

[ This episode is a recast from November 1, 2016 ]

In Episode 78, you will hear from Troy Livesay, Co-Director of Heartline Ministries in Haiti, talking with Phil about: Continue reading

[ This episode is a recast from May 31st, 2016 ]

In this episode, we hear from Craig Greenfield, founder and international director of Alongsiders and author of Subversive Jesus. Craig is living out the upside down nature of the Kingdom of God by living amongst and serving in some of the poorest communities in Cambodia and Canada. Continue reading

In Episode 71, you will hear from Robert Day, Author, Radio Show Host, and CEO of Patrick Henry Family Services, talking with Phil about: Continue reading

In Episode 67, you will hear from Dr. Karen and Phil as they wrap up the refugee crisis series with a conversation about how the guests and conversations during this series have taught, equipped, inspired, and challenged them. Continue reading

In Episode 66, you will hear from Dr. Karen Hutcheson talking with Phil about vicarious resilience and how it relates to the refugee crisis. Continue reading

In Episode 47, you will hear from Michael Miller, Producer of Poverty, Inc., and Poverty Cure, and Research Fellow and Director of Acton Media at the Acton Institute, talking with Phil about:

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[ This episode is a recast from April 12th, 2016 ]

In Episode 3, we talk about micro-enterprise and poverty alleviation with Peter Greer, President of HOPE International, and how breaking the cycle of poverty preserves, strengthens families, and prevents children from becoming orphans. Continue reading

In Episode 42, you will hear some of our favorite moments from Season 1, during which our guests talked with us about many topics, including:

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In Episode 35, you will hear from Jason Weber, National Director of Foster Care Initiatives for Christian Alliance for Orphans. Continue reading