In this Conversation episode, we’re joined by nonprofit leaders Leslie Beasley (Miracle Foundation), Dave LeVan (Lifewater International), and Paige Shope (Yoked Partners). We’ll delve into how non-profit organizations are increasingly adopting for-profit strategies, blurring the lines between the two sectors. Our discussion will venture into valuable leadership insights from experienced leaders, strategies to creating an effective team and organizational culture, and how to lead in uncertain times.

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In episode 113, Phil talks with Sara Beth Fentress, Founder of 127 Worldwide, about: Continue reading →

In episode 111 you will hear from Steve Gillis, Founder and Executive Director of Patch our Planet, talking with Phil about: Continue reading →

In Episode 111, Dr. Karen speaks with Megan Parker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Co-Founder of Abide Family Center in Uganda, about: Continue reading →