In Episode 174, Dr. Rick, Phil and Brandon have a conversation about transitions, working in the OVC sector and preview some of the guests that you’ll be hearing from in Season 9.   

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In Episode 173, you will hear from Jenn Hook, Founder and Executive Director of Replanted, and author of the book also called Replanted, talking with Phil about: Continue reading →

In this recast, Episode 172, you will hear from Amanda Cox, who has worked with Lumos, Faith to Action Initiative, and Hope and Homes for Children to help orphaned and vulnerable children around the world flourish, talking with Phil about: Continue reading →

In this recast, you will hear from Bruce Kendrick at Watermark Christian Church talking with Phil about: Continue reading →

In this recast  Episode 170, you will hear from Marisa Stam, Executive Director for Selamta Family Project, talking with Dr. Karen about: Continue reading →

In the recast episode 169, you will hear wisdom from Dr. Mandy Howard, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Samford University, who worked with Dr. Karyn Purvis at the TCU Institute of Child Development for several years.

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In this recast Episode 168, you will hear from Josh Shipp, author of the best-selling book, The Teen’s Guide to World Domination, global youth empowerment expert, and acclaimed speaker. Continue reading →

In this recast episode, you will hear from Jason Johnson, Author of Everyone Can Do Something, Reframing Foster Care, and All In Orphan Care, and Director of Church Ministry Initiatives for CAFO, talking with Phil about: Continue reading →

In Episode 164, you will hear from Curt Thompson, Psychiatrist and prolific author, including Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame, talking with Phil and Pam Parish about:   Continue reading →

In Episode 140, you will hear from Mike Berryauthor of Honestly Adoption (and a bunch of other books), founder of Confessions of an Adoptive Parentco-host of the Honestly Adoption Podcast, and adoptive father, talking with Phil about: 

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